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How to Update Norton Antivirus?

by Admin

A virus disrupts the integrity of system. It consumes a fraction of system memory which results into the poor performance of system. Virus cannot be easily uninstalled from the computer device. The computer may also hang frequently and can display consistent error messages. Virus is always frustrating. Norton antivirus must be there in your computer system to secure you from such spywares and malwares. Antivirus must be updated regularly to keep the additional virus away. Virus definitions rise day by day. You need newly modified software to overcome additional definitions of the virus. Norton Antivirus Support USA / CANADA helps you to keep your Norton Antivirus up to date.

We always play an important role for our customers if they mess with any difficulties. If you want to update Norton antivirus but you don’t know how to do, come to us by dialing Norton support phone number USA / CANADA. We love to take your queries. Our availability and accessibility is permanent. We charge only reasonable amount of money. Our team is full of remarkable technical professional. We are quick and impactful. We resolve your queries through step by step solutions. Our designed steps are so easy and give to the point solution as per your query.

Step 1- Open and log in to Norton antivirus. A pop window will appear on the screen.

Step 2- Select the “Options” from the shown window. Another window will be opened in front of you.

Step 3- Turn on the Automatic Live Chat. It ensures to download the modification done.

Step 4- Apply the changes.

Step 5- It will download all the updates and keep your Norton antivirus updated.

Step 6- It may charge as per the subscription and plan. Be aware of that. You may fail to update if there is any due amount. Go through the subscription plans and repeat.


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